Crown Heating specialises in providing essential services for designing and installing new heating and ventilation systems.

We offer a diverse selection of equipment sourced from various reputable manufacturers. Our clientele spans major industries such as manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, production, warehousing, offices, motor vehicle outlets, food industries, engineering, and more.

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CROWN HEATING SERVICES LIMITED offer a comprehensive range of heating solutions, encompassing all types of equipment, whether gas or oil fired, and available in both floor-standing or suspended unit heaters. equipment.

Our services extend to warm air convector wall heaters designed specifically for office spaces. Additionally, we specialise in radiant heating solutions, providing new and replacement boiler systems catering to both central heating and hot water needs.

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Our Proficiency Goes Beyond the Basics.

We specialise in the meticulous installation of flue systems, ensuring the efficient and safe exhaust of gases. Our expertise extends to the strategic placement of heat recovery fans, maximising energy efficiency by reclaiming and redistributing heat.

Offering Cutting-Edge Ventilation Equipment.

A key facet of our commitment to creating ideal environments involves cutting-edge ventilation equipment. We strategically incorporate at-source extraction units into our designs, targeting specific areas to eliminate pollutants at their origin.

Additionally, our comprehensive approach includes the integration of heat recovery fans, contributing to energy conservation and promoting sustainable practices.

Design & Installation

The installation division will design, supply and install:

  • Heating Systems
  • Ventilation equipment
  • Ductwork
  • Energy Conservation Measures
Commissioning & Testing

Crown Heating offer are qualified to provide a full commissioning and testing service.

  • Gas & Oil fired Systems
  • POWRMATIC Accredited
  • Compliance Testing
  • Gas Safe & HVCA Regsitered